Blue Painted Flag

Casual culture and passion



All stickers are sold in bundles of 20 stickers. 

One bundle, 20 stickers, costs 20 SEK (2€).

Minimum amount to order is two bundles (40 stickers).

Shipping fee is not included in the price and will be added.

Name: Casual Culture And Passion, claiming public property

Size: 8x8cm

Product nr: STI001

Price: Standard

Name: Unidentified Underground

Size: 8x8cm

Product nr: STI002

Price: Standard

Name: Butterfly Ground Sunday

Size: 6x6cm

Product nr: STI003

Price: Standard

Name: Basically Everything Is Just A Play

Size: 6x6cm

Product nr: STI004

Price: Standard

Name: 11340 Stockholm

Size: 7x7cm

Product nr: STI005

Price: Standard

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